Dividend Etiquette

How much can you withdraw as a Dividend? Dividends are not meant to be another form of remuneration, but are the format in which you can distribute surplus profits to shareholders.  It is therefore important to ensure that you do have excess profits before any dividend is approved. This may sound obvious, but smaller businesses […]

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

HMRC have a particular distrust for the construction industry and as such no other industry has such tough systems to navigate to demonstrate that they are operating within the tax guidelines. There is often confusion over elements of the scheme, and it certainly adds a whole new level of admin that most other businesses would […]

Tax Free Childcare Account or Childcare Vouchers

Parents with children in childcare have an important decision to make in 2017. The Government will launch the new Tax Free Childcare Account (Childcare Account) and for the self-employed parents this will mean that they have access to tax incentivised childcare for the first time. But for employed parents (including company directors) the decision to […]

What's Appropriate?

One of the tax changes which gained a nanosecond in the budget speech was the TCGA 92 s161(1) rule about appropriations to and from stock. Philip Hammond called this “converting capital losses into trading losses”. Why is this relevant or being tackled at this time? As part of general anti-avoidance the option to convert losses […]